Taking pictures of food and posting it in your social media accounts is what the majority been up to. You don’t have to be a blogger, a chef, or a nutritionist who is supposed to document every single thing you eat. Photographing food is now part of our culture, you have no reason to be bashful or weird doing it at your favorite restaurant.

The hashtag “#foodstagram” on Instagram and you will see millions of images of breakfast, lunch, dinner. (Not to mention those snacks in between!)

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make your food photos look like professional shots on your phone.

Use natural light

            Indoor lighting can be sometimes be harsh and can make your shots look plain. Take your food on the best source of light or if so, use your friend’s phone flashlight. If the light is too bright, use napkin over it. Without natural light, a phone light is the best bet.

Do not use your own flash

            Use your friend’s phone to make your food look good from different and unexpected angles. With this, you can create dramatic shadows.

The power of overhead shots

            Taking photos of something in a bowl or even in flat like pizzas, the best angle is to shoot overhead. Make sure to tap the middle of your phone screen to make a dramatic effect.

Don’t be afraid shooting in close-ups

            Foods love close-ups! Even the audience will love it. It gives them a sneak peak into your meal and feel like they are tasting the food.

Avoid too much with the background

A busy picture can be pleasing, but not with the food! A simple background can make your foodstagram attractive. A simple white background will make your shots elegant.

Enjoy your meal!

Remember the reason why you came in this restaurant. Enjoy your meal!


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